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Return of The LA Rumble Sound Clash

With the return of Massive Production's LA Rumble Sound Clash just a couple days away, we've taken a second to break the event down for you. Here's a quick look at the event format , the sounds involved: King Addies Intl. (NY), Broken Silence (CA) and Innocent Sound (FL), and an idea of what you can expect at this weekends event.

LA Rumble Sound Clash 2015

The Event

The LA Rumble began in 2005 at The Larchmont in Los Angeles under the helm of Massive Productions. This was a bold move as it was LA's first venture into an untested, as-of-yet non-existent local clash scene. The event has grown over the years and has since become one of the most respected West Coast titles to hold. Past winners include Poison Dart Intl. ('09), Jah Warrior Shelter Hi-Fi ('07/'08), DJ JFX ('05/'06) and one of this years competitors, Broken Silence Sound ('11).

This years event will take place at Main Hall, 11110 Main St. in Los Angeles. The host for the evening will be Lightfoot with sound provided by Keilamym Sound.

The Format

The event consists of 3 rounds with only dubplates allowed. The first round is 15 minutes, second round 20 minutes and the third round (also 20 minutes) includes an elimination. Down to 2 sounds we move in to the 10 song "tune fi tune" round, first sound to win 6 tunes takes the trophy. There will be no automatic disqualifications and the crowd will decide the outcome.

The Sounds

Here's a look at the three (3) sounds involved in the clash including the members of each sound, where they hail from and any notable clash wins they may have under their belts. This year's lineup includes two powerhouses in the clash industry and a returning LA Rumble champion.

Broken Silence Sound

Broken Silence Sound
Members: Dans One, Mikey C & Selekta Ghetto
Hometown: Bay Area (SF/Oakland) & Costa Rica
Notable Wins: King of Cali Cup 2014, California Border Clash 2014, LA Rumble 2011, Club Dread 2006/2009, Cali Fully Loaded

Broken Silence Sound are based in the Bay Area, California, originating in early 2001. The self proclaimed California Champion Sound, Broken Silence also goes by the "West Coast Ruler". Most recently Broken Silence won the 2014 King of Cali Cup Sound Clash, 2014 California Border Clash in Oakland, 2011 6th Annual LA Rumble in Los Angeles, 2006 & 2009 Club Dread Sound Clashes in San Francisco. The sound has been resident DJs all over the Bay Area for Weekly and Monthly Events and has been part of some of the biggest shows in California, having worked with artists such as; Capleton, Anthony B, Luciano, Bushman, Lutan Fyah, Norris Man and many more.

Innocent Sound

Innocent Sound
Members: Taylor, Dappa, Nasheen, Juxy & Neily
Hometown: Florida
Notable Wins: Baddadan, No Mercy, Closed Casket

Based in Chicago, Taylor Dave built Innocent Sound in 1993. He then relocated to Los Angeles, California. In 1997 while visiting Miami, Florida, Taylor joined forces with Dappa Leethal and they later added Juxy, Nasheen and newest member Neily to round out the sound.

With years of experience now under their belt, their first clash (and victory) came against Tek Life (Queens, NY). Innocent is now among Florida's top sounds, winning clashes in Florida, New York, Jamaica and Canada. After great success in United States and the Caribbean, in 2014 Innocent entered Europe for the first time with a short but impressing tour with dates mainly in Germany and Switzerland.

King Addies Intl.

King Addies Intl.
Members: Danny Dred, Killa B, Viper, King Pin, A1 & Swugee Don
Hometown: Brooklyn
Notable Wins: King Of New York, Billboard Sound, 3x Global Clash

King Addies Intl. emerged as the leading sound out of New York in 1983 led by selector Danny Dread, with their popularity growing after the addition of Tony Matterhorn in 1993.

Over the years King Addies took clash circuit by storm with battles against champions like as Killamanjaro, Earth Ruler, LP International, Saxon, Bodyguard and Bass Odyssey. King Addies proved you didn't have to be a Jamaican based sound system to be successful, clearing the way for sounds like Mighty Crown, Poison Dart, Sentinel and more. Known as the Billboard Sound, their catalogue contains dubs from various genres of music including a heavy supply of hip hop and r&b plates.

Here's some footage from the 2006 LA Rumble:

Who will take home the trophy? Best of luck to all those involved and may the best sound win.

For more information on LA Rumble 2015 including tickets, accommodations or any other questions you may have, visit The Official LA Rumble Website:

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