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About Sensimedia

Founded in 1999 by Bryan Mendoza, Sensimedia Radio quickly emerged as a distinctive voice in the realm of online radio, carving a niche for itself in the vibrant landscapes of reggae and hip-hop. Born out of a passion for independent and underground music, Sensimedia Radio has become a dynamic platform for artists seeking to reach a global audience.

Sensimedia Radio was established with a clear vision – promoting urban music and culture through multimedia and interactivity, with a particular emphasis on reggae and hip-hop. From its inception, the platform set out to provide an alternative space for independent artists and DJ's, offering them a weekly stage to showcase their talent via live broadcasts.

At the core of Sensimedia Radio's mission is a commitment to supporting and uplifting non-commercial and underground musicians. The platform values diversity, creativity, and authenticity in music, aiming to bring unique sounds to an audience hungry for fresh and unconventional tunes.

Beyond music, Sensimedia Radio actively engages with its audience, fostering a sense of community among listeners who share a love for alternative sounds. The platform offers a live chat room for interactivity and often collaborates with artists, event organizers, and other entities within the music industry to create a network of support for independent voices.

Now in it's 25th year, Sensimedia Radio stands as a testament to the power of passion and the impact of a dedicated platform in shaping the musical landscape. As it continues to evolve and influence, Sensimedia Radio remains a beacon for those seeking a haven for independent, diverse, and authentic sounds.

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