KRS-One Announces New Album "I M A M C R U 1 2"

"The Blastmaster" KRS-One announced the release of his 24th album with a brief 12-second video clip.
The 14-track I M A M C R U 1 2 will drop Tuesday, February 22nd. The announcement via his website states:

KRS-One Announces New Album I M A M C R U 1 2 "Yes! It is true! KRS-One’s 24th album I M A M C R U 1 2 drops on Tuesday, February 22nd, 2022. Obviously, the title speaks for itself. This is an emcee’s album. Here, over the span of 14 amazingly produced songs, KRS-One unleashes a barrage of the rawest rhyme-styles in modern times!

Songs like The Beginning and Achieving The Levels (both produced by SUN-One) and Drop Another Break (produced by KPrymeTheJaeger) clearly show that KRS-One’s rhyme-skills have not faded or deteriorated at all! In fact, it seems like he’s getting better. Previously released songs on the album like Krazy (produced by Pascal) and Knock Em Out (produced by SUN-One), and Have To Wait (produced by DJ Static), all of which were first featured in the short film Save The Studio directed and edited by Tyme Journey, have already grabbed the attention of Hip Hop heads everywhere. Other songs on the album like Club Rippa (produced by Pascal) and Can You Dance and Wet It Up (both produced by SUN-One) show that KRS-One has no plans for retiring any time soon. I M A M C R U 1 2? Don’t miss out on this amazing album, or the tour following it. Real Hip Hop is alive and well!"

You can check out the short video below.

"I M A M C R U 1 2? That's the title of the project that I'm sendin' to you"!


Last modified on Thursday, 17 February 2022 08:54


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