Jay Shells' Rap Quotes Hit Atlanta

Jason Shelowitz aka Jay Shells has just taken his Rap Quotes project down South installing his lyric/site-specific signs throughout Atlanta. With so many classics coming out of the ATL in the last couple decades there's no shortage of material to pull from.
You can bet this includes locations from lyrics by Southern staples like Outkast, Bubba Sparxxx, Killer Mike & Ludacris.

"To quote Andre 3000, The South got somethin' to say, and that's all I got to say." - Jay Shells

Describing the experience, Shells says "Atlanta has such a rich and vibrant hip hop culture, it was a must to get down there as soon as I could and the fine folks from the A3C festival helped to get us down there and showed us a great time."

"It was an honor and pleasure to work with Jay Shells and we hope to run it back in October for round 2!!!" - Mike Walbert/A3C

The Success & Relevance of Jay Shells' Rap Quotes Project The Rap Quotes project began in 2013 in New York and has continued cataloging all site-specific rap lyrics by posting them as street signs in the exact locations mentioned. The project now includes over 75 signs in both New York and Los Angeles with another 22 in Philadelphia.

Originally Shells didn't mind and almost encouraged people to take the signs but he's since had a change of heart. He'd now prefer people leave them, saying "I hope these signs last. In the past, I've given my thumbs up for people to steal them but...I hope that they stay, it's fun for people to find them in the wild. Although I can't control that."

Check out ANIMALNewYork's photos of the Atlanta installations below:

Trying to catalogue and tag lyrics from hiphops massive catalogue can't possibly be done alone, so if you have site-specific lyrics that you think should be included in the project, contact Jay Shells at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or tweet him at @TheRapQuotes.

"The plan has always been to get all of the major cities in the U.S. represented" - Jay Shells

Next up for Shells' Rap Quotes Project are Houston, Chicago, New Orleans & The Bay Area with plans to visit all major cities in the US before moving over seas.

For more on Jay Shells visit his official website at www.jayshells.com

Photo credit: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork
Video credit: ANIMALNewYork


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