AFROPUNK Mixtape #014: The Struggle Continues

Thursday, 04 February 2016 08:00
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AFROPUNK does it again with their latest release, "AFROPUNK Mixtape #014: The Struggle Continues", which includes tracks by Saul Williams, Eryn Allen Kane, Downtown Boys, J*DaVeY and Abdu Ali to name a few. Stream the 17 track mix below and let the rocking out commence.

AFROPUNK Mixtape #014: The Struggle Continues


The new AFROPUNK mixtape is now streaming on AFROPUNK Radio. So much has been said about how representation matters and yet the recent #OscarsSoWhite fiascos reminded the world that there is still much work to be done. Some want more inclusion in the mainstream. Others develop alternative outlets to celebrate diversity. Many believe both are important. With our latest mixtape The Struggle Continues, you will rock out to music by Saul Williams, Eryn Allen Kane, Downtown Boys, J*DaVeY, Abdu Ali and many more.


01. Sunny Gang - Burn It Down
02. Interlude: Sunny Gang (Interview Sept 2015)
03. Saul Williams - Think Like They Book Say
04. Stony Browder Jr. - Strike
05. Walking Astronomer - Bottles
06. Mobley - Swoon
07. Q Baby - No Place To Go
08. Interlude: Spike Lee (January 2016)
09. J*DaVeY - Center Of The Earth
10. Abdu Ali - I'm Alive (Humanized)
11. Anbuley - Supernatural Being
12. Eryn Allen Kane - How Many Times
13. Jorja Smith - Blue Lights
14. Interlude: Jada Pinkett Smith (January 2016)
15. Obnox - Gunpowder Blow (Redux)
16. Shopping - Why Wait
17. Downtown Boys - Monstro / Brown and Smart

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