Bob Marley & The Wailers play a free concert at Rufaro Stadium in Salisbury, Zimbabwe, the night after he played at the nation's Independence Celebration.


The night before, millions showed up to see him play at the Independence Celebration, but only the 80,000 or so who had tickets were let in. A riot quickly ensued, people were trying to climb the fence, and so the police shot tear gas into the crowd. Gas got into the stadium, and the crowd quickly disperse. The band was hit too, as were a young Ziggy and Stephen Marley who attended the event. After getting them to safety, Bob quickly got back on stage and kept on playing, even when the band had left. Eventually the gas dissipated, however, the band got back on stage, and the event continued. To quell the crowds, Bob agreed to play a free concert the following night, this night, for those that were not able to get in.


It should also be noted that when invited to play at the event, the Zimbabwe government – with little idea about the logistics of putting on such a concert – were unable to finance getting the band and their equipment over to Africa. So, in true Bob Marley fashion, he decided to finance the trip himself and hired a plane to take everyone and their gear over to Salisbury.


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