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Stream Irish & Chin's US Rumble 2015

Last Saturday, New York clash fans all made their way to Amazura for the "US Rumble", a "Road to World Clash" event produced by Irish & Chin. Seven young sound systems entered, only one advanced to the annual "World Clash". The sound systems included King Fargo, Broken Silence, Love People, King Shine, Black Hustler, Nexxt Level and Innocent Sound. Listen to the clash in its entirety below.

Stream Irish & Chin's US Rumble 2015 In recapping the event, organizer and promoter Garfield "Chin" Bourne said "US Rumble 2015 should not be celebrated as only a victory for Irish and Chin and Florida’s champion, Innocent Sound.  It’s a victory for all young sounds who seek a platform to display their talent.   The audio of this spectacular event has just been release.   Please take a listen and enjoy the talents of tomorrow’s sound clash gladiators."

Congratulations to all the young up and coming sounds who participated; King Fargo, Broken Silence, Love People, King Shine, Black Hustler, Nexxt Level and the champion, Florida's Innocent Sound. And cheers to our friends at Irish & Chin for representing and forwarding the culture.

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