Black Eyed Peas Video Controversy?

The Black Eyed Peas surprised everyone on Friday debuting a new single and video for the song "Yesterday" on Apple Music, which pays tribute to a number of old school hip hop classics. One person who we're guessing wasn't thrilled was the venerable soul songstress Erykah Badu. Miss Badu took to social media today to point out the similarities between the new Peas' video and her video for the song "Honey", the lead single from her 2008 album "New Amerykah Part One (4th World War)".

"I think THE BLACK EYE PEAS borrowed my idea a Lil lol" - Erykah Badu (Facebook)

Black Eyed Peas Video Controversy In the "Yesterday" video, directed by Pasha Shapiro and Alissa Torviven, the Peas (minus Fergie) are looking through old records in a record store where they recreate classic hip hop album covers which are also sampled in the song. Many praised the video immediately as being original and finally bringing the Peas back to their roots as real emcees, some however saw it as too little too late or contrived after their pop run in the last decade.

The video for "Honey" was directed by Badu and Chris Robinson and was conceived by Badu as "an homage to classic records". The idea behind the video, released 7 years earlier, is almost identical. In the video, also set in a record store, Badu's face replaces and replicates the album covers of albums that influenced her. The similarities are very hard to miss and one can't help but think it was an intentional homage to the original video, but no mention of such has been made.

The video for "Honey" won Best Direction at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards, and was nominated for Best Special Effects, Best Editing, and Best Cinematography. "Honey" was also nominated for Best Short Form Music Video at the 51st Grammy Awards and appeared at number seventy-nine on BET's Notarized: Top 100 Videos of 2008 countdown.

Check out both videos below and decide for yourself.

The Black Eyed Peas - Yesterday
{media id=285,layout=solo}

Erykah Badu - Honey
{media id=172,layout=solo}

I think THE BLACK EYES PEAS borrowed my idea a Lil lol ...I'm gone beat up Will I AM.I wrote and directed this...

Posted by Erykah Badu on Sunday, July 19, 2015

Do you think it was an homage? Or an intentional "bite" someone thought they could get away with?


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