Shia LaBeouf - Come Clean Remix

What happens when you mix Shia LaBeouf, aka Emcee Shia One's latest freestyle with a DJ Premier production? Take a listen to MC Shia One over Jeru's "Come Clean" instrumental. The awkward video was a little tough to watch, we thought listening to it this way made it much easier to take in.

Shia LaBeouf Freestyle Mix In addition to not being famous anymore, wearing paper bags on his head and screaming motivational quotes at us, we recently found out that Shia LaBeouf liked to freestyle. And while it's already been called out that some of his bars were lifted from an Anomalies track from '99 ("Perfectionist"), we thought it was still pretty entertaining to watch our favorite train wreck wreck some bars for fans at the beach.

There are definitely a few gems in there, some of our favorites include:

"You can't really fuck with this dog, I'm the best in the West & shit."
As if there were any question?

"Best to do this since Tupac was doin' music."
Ok, someone's rollin' over in a grave somewhere.

You can bet people are looking for more instances of plagiarism in there as it's hard to believe he came up with all of this off the dome, but until then it's still a fun listen.


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