Rubble Kings: The Mixtape

Over the summer, the Shan Nicholson directed documentary Rubble Kings took audiences on a journey through a gang-riddled 1960's-70's New York. Holding back nothing, the film explored everything from the widespread gang violence and the peace that ended it to the beginnings of what would become hip-hop.

Serving as an audio companion to the film, DJs Sammy Needlz, Rok One, Tahleim and director Shan Nicholson have put together an official Rubble Kings Mixtape. Comprised of music from the era (War, Syl Johnson, The Rolling Stones, James Brown, etc.), the influence on today's music can clearly be heard as many of these tunes have since been sampled time and again.


Rubble Kings: The Mixtape The initial Rubble Kings soundtrack contained a large portion of the music featured on this mixtape. For various legal and budgetary reasons, all but one of these songs were omitted from the final cut of the film. Now, for the first time ever, you can hear what was previously intended (but what would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in sample clearances) for the affordable price of $FREE.99

This mix was compiled and assembled by DJ Tahleim, Sammy Needlz, Rok One and the film’s director Shan Nicholson (all incredible selectors and musical encyclopedias in their own right). Much like New York City itself, it is divided into five sections (based on the musical genres that influenced these notorious gangs). From the anthemic soul and funk of the Black struggle, to the salsa and Boogaloo of the Latin Barrios, to the gritty and abrasive psychedelic rock of White gangland. A true epic tale of war and peace, “Rubble Kings: The Mixtape” serves as a direct sonic glimpse into the heart and soul of this pivotal moment in the city’s history.

You can rent or buy Rubble Kings in both SD and HD formats from Amazon or stream the movie on Netflix. Check out the official Rubble Kings website for more info.

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