Cixxx J - Feed Mode

Monday, 10 January 2022 23:50
Bosconi welcomes Cixxx J with his first EP on the tuscany’s finest imprint.


Cixxx J - Feed Mode The artist explains here the essential meaning of the release with his own words:

“Music gives people the gift of connection by making people mirror into each other. Here the recipe is simple: feed your sequencers all the feelings, and let them become grooves you can dance to. These four psycho- synthetic streams are deeply rooted in italo disco classics, and filtered through that whole culture that originated in Chicago and Detroit and that keeps un-becoming. All the ingredients are carefully selected to bring you to another dimension, because there is no such thing as glorious as love at first BITE”

Spoon-fed by Cosimo D’Amicis
Love to Electronic Waves, SoulCluster and all the hungry people!

Artwork by Chiara Sinatti
Mastered by Niccolò Caldini at Tea Room Mastering

Worldwide distribution Wordandsound

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