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Tanya Stephens Drops 10th Studio Album Some Kinda Madness

20-track album features Cedella Marley, Diana King, Patra, Big Youth, Nadine Southerland, Singer J, Sabrina Qureshi & Kelly Shane

Tanya Stephens Drops 10th Studio Album Some Kinda Madness Tanya Stephens released her 10th studio album, Some Kinda Madness Friday via Tad's Record. Produced by Tad A. Dawkins Jnr., the 20-song collection takes listeners on a wild ride through the mind and music of one of the island's most celebrated artists. Enlisting vocal support from some of reggae's finest, Tanya explores the full spectrum of Jamaica's native genres, as she masterfully guides the audience along on scorching dancehall songs like Aloe Vera and FIFTY, which features legend Patra; on raucous ska numbers like "Jezebel," featuring "Million Women Rise" founder Sabrina Qureshi; on deeply moving ballads like World Go Round, So Damaged, featuring Tanya's daughter Kelly Shane's professional debut and on the previously released Diamonds In The Sun, which features veterans Cedella Marley and Diana King. Tanya shines on heavy one drop rhythm tunes like the album's title track, which features a powerful effort by Singer J, Weight In Gold featuring Nadine Sutherland, and Reset featuring the elder Big Youth.

The album was accentuated by the simultaneous release of an official video for the standout single, Not Today. Directed by Prof & Kryss Ras, the new visuals depict Tanya taking the ultimate day off in the country, as she pampers herself with a skinny-dip, some Old Tavern wine, a little something to smoke, a good book, and the company of a good friend. Of the video concept, Tanya offered "this is just a woman finding her peace amidst the daily bullshit she must endure." In the opening lyric of the song, the outspoken Stephens quells any doubts about who she is and what she will or won't tolerate:

"I'm a thick-skinned, whiskey drinking, foul-mouthed, critical thinking hippie on a soul mission. Nothing can mess with my head. Not today dread."

Of the warm reception to the new album, Tanya said "it feels good to create a body of music after such a long time! I had the honor and pleasure of working with the most talented and diverse group of artistes and musicians, and I can't wait to share my bit of madness with the world."

Some Kinda Madness is available on all digital streaming outlets. You can watch the music video for Not Today and check out the full album tracklist below.

Track Listing 1. Be Who We Be
2. Intervention
3. Too Much Party
4. Zig Ziggler
5. FIFTY featuring Patra
6. Aloe Vera
7. Jezebel featuring Sabrina Qureshi
8. Weight in Gold featuring Nadine Sutherland
9. Not Today
10. Blame It on Rock & Roll
11. Feels Like Love
12. Reset featuring Big Youth
13. Some Kinda Madness featuring Singer Jay
14. Don’t Hurt Me
15. World Goes Round
16. Diamonds in The Sun featuring Cedella Marley & Diana King
17. So Damaged featuring Kelly Shane
18. Serendipity
19. River
20. Silence (Bonus Track)
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