Wednesday, 08 November 2017

Bebble Rockers in Kingston, Jamaica

Bebble Rockers in Kingston, Jamaica

Our Photographer, Roxanne Haynes caught up with Koro Fyah, Kabaka Pyramid, Duane McDonald, Abishai Hoilett and the Bebble Rock Record Label team at the Bebble Rock Studio headquaters in Kingston, Jamaica. " I wanted to capture the Bebble Rock team in the space where the music all got started so I met up with them at thier studio to capture some yard vibes. We took a walk around the neighborhood. They were serious in the beginnning but once Koro Fyah let his locks down the energy shifted. We had this idea to shoot them jumping and then before you knew it Kabaka was jumping over Koro and Koro was jumping. All of a sudden thier child within came out. It was good vibes. We were later joined by Abishai's father, Rupert Hoilett and some of the Bebble Rock family. Look out for Kabaka Pyramid and Koro Fyah headed to your city!

Photography by Roxanne Haynes for Sensimedia.

Wednesday, 08 November 2017

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