Thursday, 16 March 2017

Black-Am-I at Caymanas River

Black Am I in Three Mile

Photographer Roxanne Haynes catches up with Ghetto Youths International artist Black-Am-I at Caymanas River in Jamaica.

"I met up with the Ghetto Youths International artist Black-Am-I at Three Mile in Kingston, Jamaica and we drive out to Caymanas River in St. Catherine to cool down, go for a swim and shoot some photos. He is actually from 9 mile and one of my favorite Jamaican artists since the first time I met him. This river is one of Kingston's best kept secret swimming spots. Theres a myth that theres something spiritual about the waters and many people journey there to get baptized. We smoked, went for a swim, ate some food and yes I got into the water with my camera and my big 70-200 lens to capture him holding a vibes in the water. It was such a beautiful day and I caught a side of him that brought out his youth. Black-Am-I will be touring in Europe in November and his new EP, Living Dread will be out as well."

Photography by Roxanne Haynes for Sensimedia.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

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