Space Invadaz Make "Contact"

Space Invadaz Make "Contact"

Cincinnati emcee duo Space Invadaz, made up of Donte (of the group, MOOD) and Buggs Tha Rocka, look to challenge "the boxes that Hip Hop music is continuously pushed into, while shining a long overdue spotlight on Cincinnati Hip Hop culture." As part of their mission they've released Contact, a free 14 song mixtape.

Space Invadaz - Contact


1. Invasion
2. Contact
3. Black Celebrity
4. Phantom of the Opera
5. Love Potion
6. God's Favorite
7. Flometheus
8. Who r U
9. Da Burner
11. Nobodys Biz.
12. Smoke 1


Currently, Space Invadaz is working on their debut album, Planet Chaos. In the meantime, they have put together Contact, a free offering that showcases Donte and Buggs Tha Rocka’s musical vision. The first single off of Contact is A Man And His Gun, a commentary on America's love affair with gun violence, produced by Supa Dave West. With exciting, timely songs that address a wide array of subjects and tracks that are undeniably fresh regardless of what kind of music you enjoy, Space Invadaz introduce you to a brand of Hip Hop that you never heard before but is so good that it will feel instantly familiar. With featured appearances by Talib Kweli, M1 of dead prez, Chace Infinite of Self Scientific, and production by Hi Tek, Issa Walker and more, Contact takes the listeners from Cincinnati, Ohio, to outer space and back. It is a passionate, engaging piece of work that will whet the audience’s appetite for the full length LP and much more!

You can check out their most recent video "Annunaki Rap" below, produced by Hi-Tek.

Download "Gun Show" (Amazon)
Download "Gun Show" (iTunes)

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