Fela Soul - Still Ego Trippin' (Soul Mates Remix)

Amerigo Gazaway continues to bless us with yet another blend of Fela Kuti and De La Soul. Adding to his 2011 project Fela Soul, Gazaway has re-mastered it and added a brand new track, Still Ego Trippin'. Download it today.


Amerigo Gazaway's Soul Mates series has been nothing short of inspiring, and now he's giving away a newly re-mastered version of his 2011 Fela Kuti/De La Soul re-imagining Fela Soul along with the brand new bonus single, Still Ego Trippin', a "hip-hoppin' boogie-thon". If you don't have Fela Soul already (there's really no excuse for not having that one) make sure to grab them both right away.


1. Fela Soul - Still Ego Trippin' (Soul Mates Remix)
2. Fela Soul - Still Ego Trippin' (Instrumental)

You can also grab the remastered Fela Soul project, available for download through his website.


Amerigo Gazaway

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